If you knew this, you would never go to a regular dry-cleaner again!

People bring their soiled garments to the cleaners to have the soil removed; their clothes to be pressed well, look bright and have no odor. Unfortunately this is most often NOT the case. Some garments arriving are very dirty with perspiration, dirt as well as ordinary food, tea , coffee, wine and grease stains. These contaminants are dissolved in the dry cleaning fluid, and then deposited into filters. This goes on load after load, and many hundreds or thousands of garments had all their soil deposited into these filters.

Then your clothes are put into the machine- and the solvent that will clean YOUR clothes- will pass through these very same filters that contain all of the aforementioned filth.

We clean each load with pure solvent, new soap, and with a new clean filter for each cycle. And we do it with solvents that do not harm the environment!

Our Machines incorporate a unique self cleaning filter which backwashes and cleans itself before each load. Additives such as carbon and powder are never needed. This results into a significant reduction of hazardous waste.

Additionally, each garment is cleaned in pure distilled solvent for every load, and with an addition of 3 oz. of cationic soap being injected, the dry cleaning quality has reached new highs previously thought unattainable in dry cleaning.

Our Dryclean Solvent

  • Is Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable
  • Can be used with many sensitive delicate fabrics and trim
  • Removes oil / grease from garments (solvent soluble soil)
  • Removes pigment soil (insoluble soil) from garments
  • Aids in the removal of water soluble soil when an effective detergent is used correctly
  • Virtually odorless
  • Compatible with fabric finish additives for restoring body to garments

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